How to order and collect

The shares of lamb are sold at different times of year. The group puts the order in with the farmer and he will take the sheep to slaughter, get them butchered locally and then drop them off to a central distribution point, currently the Brighthelm Centre. See “The Next Share” for details on the location.

The next order deadline and information on the pick up location, date and time will appear in the ‘The next share‘ page on this site. For other info on collecting, scroll down below.

To place your order online you can pay directly into our account by clicking on the Buy Now button. The price is £41 per quarter (no extra charge for kidneys and liver).   If you want to pay by cheque then write the cheque out to Brighton and Hove Food CSA and send by post to: John Bristow, 48 Norfolk Road, Brighton, BN1 3AB. Then email us at to let us know what you are ordering and that you have sent a cheque.


Or you can order half a lamb for £82

You do not have to order liver or kidneys. They will be offered on the stall on a first come first served basis without extra charge and you can decline or choose one or both. There will not be enough for everyone as the portions would be very small as we are dividing the lamb into quarters

You can email us on if you have any questions. If you know of others who might be interested suggest they look at this website and email us.

Collecting: The cuts fit into a plastic carrier which is provided, however we recommend bringing your own plastic bag to wrap it with as the joints can leak, and a big bag to carry them in. The bag can be heavy so you will probably need to go straight home to put it in your fridge or freezer.  We recommend doing any other shopping beforehand so you don’t have to carry it around for long.

Stall Collection