The next share

The dates for autumn 2018 Sheepshare will be:

Deadline for orders: Friday 12th October 2018

Pick-up: Saturday 3rd November 2018

Collection between 10am and 11pm and you lose your lamb if it is not collected. If you place an order, we assume you or a friend can collect it then and there. We cannot store uncollected quarters and they need to be in a freezer within an hour or so of collection. So If it is not collected it will be given away and there will be no refund.

Place: The Brighthelm Community Centre.:

The Brighthelm Centre is at the corner of North Road and Queens Road.

Brighthelm map

Parking You can drive in for a brief pick up at the East side of the centre off the South side of North road. But the gate to the car park is locked and you have to go to reception to phone a staff member to let in you in and out and you cannot stay for longer than a few minutes. So we do not recommend this. There is a car park building on North road next to the Brighthelm on one side and LA fitness on the other.

Bus routes: Buses to and from the station have a stop on Queens road at North road. Outside the Credit Union or Taylor Barristas café.

Bikes can be temporarily parked at the back of the centre but there is no bike rack there.

Bring a bag: The cuts fit into a plastic carrier which is provided, however we recommend bringing your own plastic bag to wrap it in as the joints can leak, and also a big bag to carry them in. The bag can be heavy so you will probably need to go straight home to put it in your fridge or freezer.  We recommend doing any other shopping beforehand so you don’t have to carry it around for long.